Meeting a woman from anywhere in the world via online can seem like an impossible task. Pursuing and finding a Russian friend or lover can seem even more difficult, especially given mail-order bride websites and other source’s negative stigmas about experiences using such services.

However, with that being said, the same argument could be made for meeting and finding American women online. To try to stereotype an entire nationality of people or culture is irresponsible, and in the end, you will only deprive yourself of the endless potential cultural benefits, experiences, and even one day love should you not be willing to ‘broaden your horizons’.

Chat Sites

Many people don’t realize it, but there’s actually great differences between dating sites and chat-sites. For example, an actual chat site (chat-room) with local or far-away Russians should be free, for the most part. That is, excluding webcam chat sites or other sex oriented sites, or of course in the instance of a mail order bride website.

Immersing yourself into a Russian chat room can be a great way not only to make new friends, but also practice and learn the Russian language, observe their habits and hobbies, likes or dislikes, and practice your ‘game’ or approach in interacting with Russian women.

While some of these chat rooms will seem to only be Russian-language based, you might be surprised to find that a substantial amount of Russian (women specifically) are at least semi-fluent English and would be absolutely infatuated with the idea of an adventurous western or American guy pursuing new friends and prospective love in a Russian “only” chat room.

Dating Sites

Now these are the sites that we previously mentioned. Most of these will charge for a membership, or some other sorts of usage-fees so use your discretion, and if possible, compare prices of the various dating sites. While some might “guarantee” you to find your true Russian love, understand that nobody, at any stage of your life, can do the work for you or “guarantee” you finding your one true love.

Statistically speaking as far as success rates go, the most desirable and seemingly genuine chat-sites to meet Russian women will be the kinds in which you are able to actually obtain a third-party form of communicating with your new Russian lady—may it be via Skype, or simply writing letters. Be wary, and do your research of each site that you consider, as there are not only plenty of scams out there, but specifically websites that are using BOTS or (unfortunately, yes) hired “men” to pretend to be women to suck money out of you.

So whether or not you are just seeking new friends, a hookup, sex-chat, or video chatting, it’s completely up to you to decipher between the best sites by sifting through reviews of each site, and getting a feel for the environment. It may also be ideal for you to research and register for Russian online-dating forums so that you can discuss with likeminded foreigners experiences, recommendations, and warnings about various sites or sources to meet a Russian woman (your future love).

Discussion Boards


As we mentioned previously, discussion boards can actually be a very valuable asset to meeting and making new Russian friends—as well as a prospective future Russian lover. While there are general Russian forum sites, there’s also hobby sites.

Factually speaking, Russians love Hockey and Soccer, so consider joining up some of these sorts of forum hobby sites and interacting with other users—you never know what or who you might stumble across! Even better, the majority of such discussion boards are free to register and use—as technically, most weren’t exactly intended to meet Russian women, this is just you being resourceful!

Russian Facebook (

A Facebook specifically designed for Russians?! Crazy, right? We know! So go on and get registered! There’s no harm in trying to network, meet new people, and chat up new Russian women (hopefully single) and seeing where it takes you!

Just as with reputable dating sites, it shouldn’t be any surprise that plenty of people have had success in meeting their (often foreigner) love through social-networking sites that were absolutely free to signup for and use! Again, there’s an emphasis on trying to brush up on basic Russian before or while using this site, and just being an honest, straightforward guy will go all the while further!

As mentioned previously, plenty of Russian’s speak English, or at least partially understand and can communicate with it on a basic level. Whether or not they admit to it, or wish to do so, is completely up to them and their personality. So just as in real life, with any woman, try not to be overbearing, be friendly, and just be yourself!

It also might be helpful to study up a bit on Russian culture, popular foods, sports, and hobbies so that you can perhaps find something that you’d both have in common and be able to chat about!

Remember, nothing is impossible! There is a Russian expression that literally translates to English and means: For every new language you speak, you are a new Man.