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Remember how at the beginning of the movie The Matrix Neo wakes up and realizes that everything he thinks he knows is wrong?

He discovers that the drab, grey world he has been living in is not all there is. Once he discovers The Matrix a whole new world opens up to him.
Neo discovers the matrix
The same thing happened to me about 7 years ago.

No, I didn’t uncover a secret plot by computers to rule the world.

What I discovered was a whole lot better!

Global Dating!

I discovered a world where beautiful, intelligent 24 year old girls were coming up to me in parks and cafes and flirting with me; were hitting on me in bars and in one case 2 hot, young Filipinas actually got into a fight over me in a mall.

Since that first trip I have travelled to dozens of countries in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe and it’s the same almost everywhere I go….

Beautiful, Intelligent, Passionate young women go out of their way to pursue ME!

Why Date Globally?

Let’s say you are a 48 year old guy with a decent job and you live in Los Angeles California – what would you say your chances are of getting a date with a girl like Yana, a twenty-two year old Ukrainian Megan Fox Lookalike?

What about a stunning Brazilian Model who wants to “meet a man from 28 to 50”?

Date this sexy Brazil Girl

I would say the chances are pretty slim, unless of course you drive a Lamborghini or have a 3 Picture deal with Paramount studios.

One of the main reasons Global dating is so popular is that you have access to a quality of woman that you probably do not have access to back home.

Let me preface by saying that I have nothing against Western women…

But the quality you can get overseas is just better!

There, I said it!

I’m a really great guy, not bad looking with a decent job, but still my options in the USA are not great.

But overseas…

The women chase me!

Wake Up And Discover Happiness

Over the next couple of weeks I will reveal little known secrets to you from a variety of disciplines from evolutionary psychology and human biology to cultural anthropology, history, and philosophy.

What I am are going to reveal to you is as timeless as the rising sun, as current as an atomic clock, and as surprising as tomorrow’s headlines.

That’s the purpose of The Dating Matrix – to wake you up to the incredible opportunities available in international dating, to change your frame of reference about dating beautiful foreign women, and to help you EARN real happiness in your personal life.

Notice I didn’t say, that we were going to “give you happiness.”   Happiness has to come from within YOU.   You are going to have to EARN true happiness and real fulfilment.

It isn’t going to be easy, but I believe if you really make the effort you will reap huge rewards – life altering rewards.

Now, if you are like most guys, you may be asking yourself…

Why would these absolutely stunning women (like the ones above) want to date a regular guy like me?

Well, I’m glad you asked – because that is exactly the subject of your first lesson. You should have an email in your In-Box right now titled:

“Day 1 – Why Ridiculously Hot Foreign Girls Want to Date You”

This message will explain some of the reasons why Average looking, middle income guys from the West can date multiple Super Desirable foreign women from places like The Philippines, Colombia, Thailand and The Ukraine.

Go check it out.  You may be surprised by some of the answers.

If you don’t see the message there be sure to check your spam folder.


We will be discussing the pros and cons of using an International dating agency in later emails – but I know some of you guys will want to get a head-start, so for now, here are some of the more legit agencies we recommend over at International Love Scout:

Paid Agencies

(On all these sites you can look at profiles for free)

Free Dating Sites

  • – Works great if you actually live in Asia
  • – You can meet ALOT of beautiful women here – but you need to have a mutual friend to get the ball rolling
  • – Pretty much the same as Facebook but the user base skews younger – if you are over 35 I would stay away from this one.
  • – I have never used this site – but please be careful as I hear there are lots of Scammers preying on male members.