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Russian Girls For Sale

Russian Girls For Sale
Art for Art’s Sake, Oktoberfest and more this weekend in New Orleans
What’s happening in and around New Orleans this weekend.

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What can I do about this situation with current realtor?

She is absolutely clueless…..
I have a very irritating realtor, asks about 3 times a day if I’m okay, when she is doing an open house for the sale of my home acts really dumb, I honestly think she does it to irritate me, young, russian girl, she also has the worst manners, is extremely unprofessional, annoying & disrespectful, what would you do? She speaks to me as if I was one of her friends or as if I had been born yesterday, I finally put her in her place today, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to put up with it, I want to call her boss & tell him to send me someone else or else I will terminate everything, (this girl’s got so much nerve) what are the implications?
If you are a realtor do not insult or I will report!

You might be better off getting another agent from the same company. The reason for this is the listing agreement you signed. No other real estate company would take it, because they would have to compensate her broker if they sold they sold the house on the remaining time of the agreement. If you sold it by owner you would more than likely would have to compensate the broker as well. You’ll just have to look at your contract or take it to a real estate lawyer or get a knowledgeable and honest real estate agent to look at it. They are out there you just have to keep interviewing agents till you find one

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