So, what makes Russian women so great, and why do foreigners from around the world go absolutely crazy for them? There’s plenty of good reasons that men admire, pursue, and love Russian women, no matter how near or far, or what it takes to achieve meeting one and creating a future together.

So, let’s review some of the biggest differences between Russian and American women, and why men dream of a Russian princess to sweep off her feet and one day marry.

1. Russian women are beautiful, and they know it. Not only this, but Russian women take serious pride in, and work hard to maintain their beautiful, fit bodies, gorgeous long hair, and perfect, tight, long legs and just the right fit body tone.

They take their health very seriously, and in comparison, are typically much more health savvy, but also actually active in proper dieting – and will likely try to rub off on you too if you’re receptive enough. After all, your Russian beauty will want you to be healthy and live as long as possible to live a long, fulfilling life together.

provocative Russian babe lying on the bed

2. A lot of men have the negative experiences of being lied to, cheated on, or strung along with the women they meet in America or other comparable western countries. This seems to be not just simply a part of the culture, but in particular, the way women are raised in these places – which is anything but desirable.

And while it’s true many American women know what loyalty is and display it, it’s likely nowhere near as common as it is with Russian women. They are brought up by their families to be supportive, loving, humble, and honest. Russians are taught by their families how to be providers, sincere, hard-workers, but also survivors.

Your Russian girlfriend will always have your back, and even when you’re not around will gladly stand up for you, never embarrass you, or allow other men to flirt with her or vice versa. This is hard to find in a lot of American women, and women in general – so it’s definitely a huge plus.

3. Russian women will challenge you in all aspects of your life, and expect from you what you say you’ll do, promise, or aspire to be. This is very beneficial, and having such a supportive woman in your life can be hard to come by now a days, no matter where you’re from.

4. No matter how successful you are, if you’re having a hard time, or not doing well financially, a Russian woman will always have your back, and stick it out with you through thick and thin. And unlike a lot of other women, she’ll always be willing to go to work, even if she never has before, or has minimal experience and skills. Russian women are not only ambitious, but dedicated, and it shows in the relationships they have with men.

5. A lot of foreigners are attracted to Russian women not so much because they ‘play hard to get’, but because as beautiful as they are, and as sexy as they dress, they still have class and leave something for the imagination. This too can be difficult to come by, and self-respect goes a long way when it comes time bring home your girlfriend, love, or future wife to meet your mother and family.

attractive Brazilian babe on the table of roses

6. Russian women are also considerably more feminine in comparison to American women, and it’s uncommon you’ll ever really see them spitting, cursing, yelling, or acting behaving in any way beyond how a classy woman might be expected to conduct herself.

They also know how to handle their liquor, are considerably more responsible, and don’t constantly need you there supporting them, holding their hair back, or carrying them home after a long night out on the town. It’s not common that you’ll meet a Russian woman with tattoos, at least not visible with normal clothing on, and in America it’s often all too common– and for many men, a big turn-off.

7. Russian women take good care of their body and hygiene, always ensure they are clean, that they smell great, look great, and carry themselves with considerably more integrity. They don’t try to “act like the boys” or fit in, and will respect your “man time” without pressuring you to come along – which can be both unwanted and awkward.

8. Lastly, Russian women often tend to have much more world interests, knowledge, and experiences in comparison, which will always make for great conversation, and increase their overall appeal. Typically, Russian women are also quite educated, and along with this have an entrepreneurial mindset which is always a big plus, are typically good with money, and will always be there when you need her.