Young sexy blonde Russian bikini model, laying on sea beachWhy are Russian Women Really on

This is probably one of the most common questions that men wonder about the Russian and Ukrainian women on International Love Scout.

It just seems too good to be true that so many gorgeous women are seeking husbands this way.

Are they being paid?

Are they just out for a green card? No and no. Here’s some explanation as to why these women are really here.

They are seriously searching for love

Just like you are online to seek a perfect match, these Russian brides are too. Their mission is easily confused, since the term “mail order bride” still lingers and men think they can simply “add to cart” and their wife will be shipped to their door. The mail order bride concept has since transformed into global online dating. Russian women strongly believe in fate and they know their soul mate is out there somewhere.

Why You Should Date Divorcees

I was traveling through Cambodia recently and I met a guy who told me he ONLY dates divorcees; calls him the Dean of Divorcees. When I asked him why he limits his dating to divorcees, he had a very interesting perspective.

He believes divorcees, since they’ve been through a “failed” marriage, are very explicit and convinced about what they don’t want. He feels young, never married girls live too much in fantasy land and have storybook dreams; whereas a divorcee has lived and fought in the trenches of love and has much greater clarity.

Well, if you are of his mindset, you’ll want to take a much closer look at Daria – she is an example of one of the many sexy, mature Russian women who is searching for a foreign husband.

Beautiful Russian women

She comes complete with an “adorable daughter, Alexandra”, who is three years old. And the troika rounds itself out in that she also has a job. Hat trick, we say in Canada.

Now, I’ve never dated a Ukrainian but I review heaps of them here, and I have to say, at least 8 out of 10 are stunners. Daria’s in the majority camp in that regard, as her pics will show.

Both her bio and pictures attest to her athleticism, and she’s clearly a health nut, in the best possible way.

What’s she looking for? No surprises here, especially with a single mom: “I just want him to treat me and my daughter with love, care and respect”.

If you’re a kind, considerate, and respectable man, between the ages of 25 and 50, you’re welcome to cast in your heart, boys.

They want more options

With so many more women than men in Russia and Ukraine, many of the single ladies have exhausted their dating options in their own country. Some Russian women feel they are more mature and family-oriented than their local men so they’ve decided to find a like-minded partner elsewhere. Dating men online allows them to chat and meet men they would have never had the opportunity in the past.

This is not a job for them

Many of the women on International Love Scout already have successful careers or are studying at the universities. Dating men online is a fun and pleasurable activity for them, not work. They are not getting paid for their time on the site, how long they chat with men, or for the gifts they receive. Even asking for money or gifts is a strict violation of the rules and any lady suspected of doing so is warned or removed.

Even if it still may be hard for you to believe that so many attractive, intellectual Russian and Ukrainian women are seeking their soulmates on International Love Scout, at least you’ve learned the truth behind the rumors. The only way to see if this experience can really match you up with your perfect Russian bride is to try it! You’ll discover these ladies true intentions in no time.

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